1. What new information or knowledge did I learn from this presentation?


Answer: New information by Dr. Michael Wulder, Canadian Forest Service, who presented on “Satellite data to quantify return of forests following wildfire and harvest.” is about the mapping of forest disturbances is increasingly common, with the quantification of the return of forests, or forest recovery, receiving less attention. In the same fashion that satellite data can be used to capture disturbances based upon temporal changes visible in the imagery, forest recovery can be monitored.


  1. Are there particular aspects of the presentation you enjoyed or intrigued you and are there others that could have been improved?


Answer: Presentation content mentioned about the punctual nature of forest removal and the longer time period required to observe the return of forests, different approaches are required. Here we show that analysis of time series satellite data can be used to relate forest recovery and that the spectral changes evident in the imagery can be corroborated using field plots, airborne laser data, or spatial patterns indicative of pre-disturbance conditions.

  1. Are there components of the research that would be applicable or relevant to your own Masters research?


Answer: It’s my 1st year M.Sc. NRES (Environmental Science) and have plan to work on Environmental pollution especially heavy metal in contaminated soil, water (ground water, surface water) pollution and Management of oily waste from marine oil spill response. This presentation was more about Satellite data to quantify return of forests following wildfire and harvest.  I believe his information will help me on my project.


  1. How well did the speaker respond to questions and is there a question you would have asked given in opportunities? 

Answer: I didn’t ask any question.